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what is bonsai?

the literal translation of bonsai is "plant in a tray. many people think bonsai is a species of tree, but it really is a way of growing a tree in a way that its small in size but still has all the characteristics of a full-grown tree. there are many styles to choose from to form your bonsai, imitated from the natural circumstances. think about the cascade-style, imitated from trees that carry so much snow on their leaves that thetrunk bends to form a large loop.

where does bonsai originate from?

the first known mention of a bonsai was in an 800-year-old picture, discovered in an ancient temple in china. so its very likely that the chinese started growing bonsai. the japanese learned the bonsai-art later on and discovered new ways to grow bonsai. the first bonsai trees were brought to europe in the 20th century. ever since bonsai has grown increasingly popular in europe.hurting trees?some people think its cruel what we do to bonsai trees, but they are styled and cared for with much attention and love. think about normal hedges; they are also trimmed several times a year! while hedges arent really valuable or important to people, bonsai is an art form with great cultural significance. i hope that people will learn toappreciate the art of growing bonsai after visiting this site!copyright bonsaiempire.com

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