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choosing the right pot

the value of choosing the correct pot is frequently underestimated.

only with the right pot a bonsai can look natural,and beautiful.


bonsai are planted in special bonsai pots, usually imported from japan or china. normally bonsai pots from japan are of the highest quality, but therefore more expensive. the pots are made of high-quality clay and are baked on high temperatures so that they are hardy for very low and high temperatures. trees which are still in development and not yet entirely formed are being planted in relatively large pots, to provide room for a good root system. trees are never planted from a large pot to a bonsai pot in one time, because it takestime to let the tree get used to smaller pots.

sizes, forms and colors

there are several matters concerned finding the right pot for a bonsai, like:- color of the tree, and possible flowers.- the altitude and breadth of the tree.- the style in which the tree has been formed.

choosing the right pot

-sizethere are a few ¡°rules¡± concerned choosing the right size of pot:

- the pot has to be something broader than 2/3 of the altitude of the tree.

- the pot must be wider than 2/3 of the breadth of the tree at trees which are wider than high.

- at high, slim trees the pot has to be something less broad than the breadth of the branches

- the depth of the pot must be equal to the thickness of the root-trunk.

- the cascadestyle is an exception concerning the depth of the pot.

choosing the right form and color

the color and form of a bonsai pot are very important. there are both glazed and unglazedpots, in several colors and sizes.

the most striking colour of the tree determines the colour of the pot. this can be the colour of the trunk, but also possible flowers. a few tips:

- darkgreen and darkblue: trees with a striking colour like yellow, orangje or red.

- grey or white: trees with a striking colour like blue

.-brown and unglazed: conifers and some pine-trees.

the pot should never be to striking so all the viewer¡¯s attention goes to the tree itself.

the form of the pot is very important to, but herefore no special rules excist. it¡¯s mainly a matter of taste. make sure the pot you choose has at least one drainage hole in the bottom.


it¡¯s very important to place the trees in the right composition during the repotting:

at square, round and polygonal pots: in the middle.

at oval and rectangular pots: something out of the middle.

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